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Proven Real Estate Prospecting Formula

Real estate agents always have plenty of things to do each day.  As they gain more listings or clients, the list of daily activities grows. That is where their ability to remain in control of critical tasks and strategies is so crucial to any future they may have in the industry.  You can get somewhere […]


How to Successfully Canvass the Owners of High Quality Commercial Buildings

When it comes to listings, one important fact should be understood and remembered in commercial real estate brokerage.  It is simply that high-quality buildings produce better levels of interest and enquiry and on that basis more inspections over time.  (NB – you can get plenty of prospecting and canvassing tips in commercial real estate brokerage in […]

Prospecting Sales and New Business Guidelines in Commercial Real Estate

The prospecting process in commercial real estate sales and leasing is quite special.  If you are not prospecting for new business in a successful and direct way, then this report will help you get that traction with the right people and on the right properties.  It is a good property market, and in most towns […]

Direct Mail Strategies for Top Agents in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Whilst a lot of commercial real estate marketing today will be online based, the traditional direct mail piece still offers good momentum and new client opportunity.  As a broker or agent, if you are looking to establish a marketing campaign to attract new business in commercial real estate then merge a few direct mail campaigns […]

How to Set up for Cold Calling Success

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are specific things that you can do in cold calling that will help you make your telephone prospecting efforts more successful. This is a short commercial real estate training program in Cold Calling by John Highman.

5 Essential Rules to Commercial Real Estate Broker Prospecting and Networking

The agent that maintains focus on the simple things of our business usually gets results.  The commercial property market does not need to be complex, but it does require momentum and tenacity in prospecting and cold calling over the longer term.  That means contacting new people and the same people in an ongoing way.   A […]


Resolving Cold Call Reluctance in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate today, ‘call reluctance’ can be a big problem for you holding back your progress has an agent or broker.  To deal with that cold calling and telephone prospecting involves a disciplined and systemized approach. In the early stages of cold calling, you will always have some frustrations to deal with, some […]

Client Creation Ideas for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Over a coffee recently I asked an agent friend why a property owner should use them for selling or leasing a property.  The question was important because that agent was about to embark on a new business start in a new real estate area. I wanted to know why the agent felt they would stand […]


Going Strong in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Prospecting

Prospecting for new listings is the most important basic skill a commercial real estate agent should learn.  Every day more property owners should be spoken to and collated into a database of control.  It is a very personal process and should not be delegated. Our property industry doesn’t need to be complicated; it simply comes […]


Growing Your Database Faster in Commercial Real Estate Agency

If you work as an agent or a broker in commercial real estate, you should well understand the importance of your database in building market share and a stable client base.  From your database just about all of your valuable leads and listings should evolve; it takes time but the process does work well. It […]

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