Clever Workflow Plans for Leasing Agents

There is always a good level of real estate leasing business to be found today. Look for the investment properties in your location and serve the owners with vacancy solutions. Most towns or cities will have a broad selection of buildings for you to consider as part of brokerage leasing. Break down your territory into […]

Leasing Property Management

Ways of Attracting High-Quality Landlord Clients

Commercial and retail property landlords generally want just two things.  When you satisfy those two things, you typically have a client for life. So, what do landlords want from agents?  In the first instance, they are looking for tenants to fill vacancies. So, it directly follows that if you as an agent know plenty of […]

Brokerage Leasing

How to Grow Leasing Business in Commercial Property

There are always plenty of opportunities for growth and change in commercial and retail property leasing.  There are tenants, business owners, and landlords to connect with.  Local area marketing will help you do that.  You can also have a focus down on property types and local businesses.  Start your plan of contact with these ideas […]


Solve Vacancies and Boost Your Commercial Real Estate Career

There are plenty of vacancies in investment properties currently and for the immediate future as tenants and landlords adjust to business pressures and consumer demand. In today’s podcast program, John Highman shares the strategies of working the leasing market comprehensively. Ultimately you can tap into plenty of property opportunities in this market segment. Landlords need […]


This Leasing and How Easy It Is as a Career

This could be the simplest and most effective new business idea that you have seen in commercial and retail property leasing. It is however very effective and just takes a few systems to establish in a real estate marketing approach in your location. Note: If you want more ideas in leasing property, you can get […]


The Seven Commercial Real Estate Leasing Mistakes to Avoid

With a career in commercial real estate leasing, there are some rules to follow and actions to take just about every working day.  If you are a leasing agent, then there are some things to think about here so you can build your leasing momentum and fill up your pipeline of opportunities.  Who are your […]

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