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Ways of Attracting High-Quality Landlord Clients

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Commercial and retail property landlords generally want just two things.  When you satisfy those two things, you typically have a client for life.

So, what do landlords want from agents?  In the first instance, they are looking for tenants to fill vacancies.

So, it directly follows that if you as an agent know plenty of tenants locally, you are of more outstanding service to landlords.

local area marketing chart for agents
Local Area Marketing Chart for Real Estate Agents

Finding Better Tenants

In the second instance, landlords are looking for improvement in property performance.  That can be a complex topic and task; however, think about ways to increase or improve commercial or retail property performance for your clients. 

Consider the following categories of property activity that can be optimized and become a specialized leasing service point for you in brokerage.

  • Improving rentals
  • Finding better tenants
  • Negotiating better leases
  • Moving tenants around a property
  • Lifting the net return for a property over time

An experienced property manager could always do some things; however, they can also be strategic points of service difference for a leasing specialist. 

Any leasing agent who knows how to work with these issues will be an agent of quality and sought after by local landlords.  If this is you, you will learn how to improve your leasing outcomes for your landlord client.

Appeal to the Variety of Owners

Some clients will own single properties, whilst others will hold a group of properties.  Improving the performance of one property would be high on the agenda for smaller investors with single investment holdings. 

In more significant properties and those owners, in that case, it is all about improving real estate portfolio performance and reducing risk.  Again, these are specialist services that top quality leasing agents can provide.

Induce Local Enquiry

Both issues are ‘locally’ biased, so everything you do and work with locally can optimize the strategies mentioned.  Property performance is then the way to service and connect with landlords locally about their holdings and investment targets. Hook in more landlords by specializing in leasing services.

These ideas can be a marketing strategy for what you are doing in brokerage, particularly with leasing services.  Interestingly, the property leasing market is constantly changing as businesses shift focus and improve operations.  Appeal to the business community with your premises offering.

Engage with the People

You can serve tenants, business owners, or landlords with your leasing services.  Are you ready for the challenge?

Create some services and ideas to help you attract landlords to your leasing services in your location.  Be the ‘go-to agent’ when it comes to leasing property and filling vacancies.  Fill your database with tenants and talk to many of them every day. 

Given all these things, it is hard for a landlord to ignore a local leasing agent that knows how tenants are thinking, what they are doing, and where they are going. So build your database of local businesses on that basis.  Create conversations every day on that basis with lots of local companies.

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