Winning Tactics for Commercial Real Estate Leasing with Tenants and Landlords

When you have chosen to work in commercial or retail property leasing, the rewards are many, but the work is specialised.  It pays to review your services and value offering for both landlords and tenants.  You can, of course, work for both; the emphasis in doing that is or should be quality buildings in prime locations.  It is always easier to work with better quality leasing stock.

In this audio program, you can learn the ‘winning’ tactics that have helped so many agents and brokers get their leasing business firmly established in their location.  These points are the key elements to new business generation with both landlords and tenants.


Key Strategic Leasing Questions

Consider these questions:

  • What is your ‘value offering’ with your client base in providing leasing services?
  • How are your clients by type and by location?
  • How are you connecting with your leasing clients and prospects now?


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