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Property leasing is a good part of our market, and you can work with many business types, tenants, and landlords. So, what is the rule here? If you are to make a reasonable commission from commercial or retail real estate leasing, the way in which you connect with landlords and tenants should be optimized in both frequency and branding.  Systems of contact are the best ways to boost your brokerage services.

In today’s podcast, we share some specific ideas about just how you can service and connect with more landlords and tenants in your location. Always build your leasing business around ‘quality’ first and foremost.

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Get the message out about the property leasing market and how you can help with expansion, contraction and relocation.  That is where the business will be.

Local Businesses are Needing Help

Local businesses need help with occupancy; that is a fact that is active constantly in the local area in most towns or cities. Look for the factors of business change and churn in your property market so that you can relocate businesses and take advantage of the supply and demand factors in any new property development opportunities. Do a market assessment.