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How Real Estate Signboards Can Build Your Business Fast

How is your local area marketing working for you? How many signboards do you have placed on properties now? Signboards serve more than just displaying your company’s name and logo. A real estate signboard on a property for sale or lease is an effective marketing tool for attracting new customers, building inbound enquiry, increasing brand […]

Marketing Sales

Eight Simple Steps to Better Real Estate Marketing

When you have a commercial property to sell, the methods of marketing that you choose should be carefully considered and applied to the property based on the client’s requirements and the market conditions. Simple mistakes made through the marketing campaign will restrict the inquiry and the real estate inspection results. Most properties will sell in […]


Essential Marketing Messages in Real Estate Today

So, you present your ideas to a client about their property and what you can do for them.  To succeed in a listing presentation, investigate recent trends and the location and talk about recent enquiries for a property. Use those facts to your advantage. Discuss what people are searching for today regarding property selection, investment […]


How to Negotiate for Marketing Funds in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

So, if you want to be at the top of your sector as a quality agent with a large market share, the message is obvious. Every listing pitch and client presentation should contain a vendor-funded marketing strategy. Vendor Paid Campaign Funds Vendor paid marketing any property listing will help you get the message out into […]

The Good News About Commercial Real Estate Marketing

There are various things that you can do in commercial real estate marketing to encourage enquiry and property inspections. Every listing can be optimised for that enquiry process and to help you pull in the business where necessary. Vary Your Promotional Message and Method Spot advertising and subliminal advertising can also be used in prospect […]


How Marketing Gets Better Results in Brokerage

If you are struggling with building your real estate business, look at your marketing strategies and listing actions around brokerage.  Are you doing enough now?  Can you do more?  Most agents and brokers can do a lot more for themselves in personal, property, and direct marketing, particularly so with some simple strategies and changes to […]

How to Design Effective Marketing Campaigns in Commercial Investment Property

Taking an Investment Property to the market is something that needs careful consideration. The first six weeks of the campaign are the most important when it comes to connecting with the right people locally. In that short period of time you need to attract the right people to the property listing, create inspections, qualify interested […]


How You Can Create a Premier Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Exactly what makes up a top quality ‘premier’ brokerage in commercial property today?  When you look into your location and across your group of competitors, who are the agents that stand out and how do they differentiate themselves? A top brokerage will usually have a number of good agents in its employee.  A brokerage of […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Should You Bother Working Old and Expired Listings

Some commercial real estate listings come and go from the market without much by way of results.  All types of issues could be behind a property not selling or leasing.  Look for the reasons that could stifle future enquiry and momentum. Some of the common problems to watch for are: Poor marketing Over pricing Lack […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Ask the Client for Your Marketing Proposal to be Returned

When you find that you have lost a new business proposal in commercial real estate brokerage, ask the client for the proposal to be returned back to you.   Try not to leave it in the possession of the prospective client so it can be shared around at a later time, and perhaps even be shown […]

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