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Eight Simple Steps to Better Real Estate Marketing

When you have a commercial property to sell, the methods of marketing that you choose should be carefully considered and applied to the property based on the client’s requirements and the market conditions.

Simple mistakes made through the marketing campaign will restrict the inquiry and the real estate inspection results.

Most properties will sell in any property market in any economic cycle. Of course, the agent must work on the promotion of the property, and that is why an exclusive listing is so important.

Effective Promotions

The agent has some work to do in setting up an effective promotional campaign, and then tuning that campaign to the targeted buyers and investors.

So, the agent must position the property correctly and spread the property marketing message comprehensively to the target audience.

That says every property should have a defined target audience that would be well-positioned to pay a reasonable price for the property given the economic cycle.

Powerup Your Marketing

woman using computer screen
Setting up your real estate plan

Here are some ideas to help you get faster results with your exclusive listings in today’s property cycle.

Know the Property and Audience

Review the property comprehensively, so you can set a defined target audience before designing your advertising campaign.

For example, the real estate target audience could be local, Interstate, or national, depending on the property type.

That is why setting the target audience is perhaps the most critical first element of any preparation for promotion and marketing campaign for an exclusively listed property.

Property Features and Facts

Match the features you describe in the advertising to the target audience. Help the client understand your definition of the target audience and how you will reach those property people. Create a central message for the right buyers that you will position towards the target audience.

real estate team meeting
Real estate team planning promotional results

Inquiry Tracking

Track the inquiry you receive from the various media channels and outlets. Over time, you will know where most of the inquiries are coming from and therefore be able to refine your advertising spend in each case.

Local Market Evidence

A successful property marketing campaign will be based on evidence and results from the target audience over time.

In your location and with the various investment property types, there will be highly effective marketing channels to get the message out there and to pull in the inquiry for inspection opportunities.

Comments and Feedback

Track the comments you receive from inquiring parties on the telephone and through actual meetings. You will then know if the campaign is working.

Those comments will also allow you to refine the feedback to the client so they are fully informed and prepared for any negotiation which will eventually occur.

Any informed client throughout the focused property marketing campaign will be a client that will be open to actual market circumstances and qualified buyer interest.

success cogs and wheels in business
Create success from your marketing timeline

Timeline the Campaign

Set a timeline for the promotional campaign based on the preferred method of sale.

For example, the preferred sale methods are usually time-based when selling a commercial property today. That would mean an auction, expressions of interest, or a sale by tender.

Those timed methods of sale create more inquiries from qualified buyers and will help you proceed to a contract in a more timely way.

Change the Promotional Message

Most marketing campaigns for exclusively listed properties will extend over two or three months. From that fact, you can split the advertising campaign into a series of cycles.

For example, every 14 days, you can change the advertising and the images used in the advertising online and in all the newspaper media.

That refresh sends a new message to the target audience to encourage the inquiry you’re seeking.

Key Words and Buyers

Given the location’s property type, you can define and research specific keywords that should feature in your advertising.

Those keywords will be the words that are typically used by property buyers when it comes to seeking purchase opportunities.

Those words are also the words that would be used in search engines such as Google or Bing.

real estate team planning
Planning your promotions

Refine Your Promotions

Ideas can help you refine your marketing activities for better results with your property listings and clients.

Recognise that the property market changes throughout the year; therefore, the marketing approach and strategy should also change.

Your skills as an agent should include creative and tuned marketing efforts to the target audience and the actual market conditions.

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