How to Develop the Best Sales Skills

As an agent in commercial real estate, your sales skills should constantly be enhanced, encouraged, and improved.  There are plenty of people out in the property market who will test your sales skills and outcomes.  Are you ready for the challenge of sales improvement? So how does an agent become successful in commercial real estate […]

Sales Videos

The Top Level Sales Agent Matrix

In commercial real estate this year, sales opportunities will be many. Office properties, industrial, and or retail property will all be in a change and churn cycle. So that is where you can help. In this series of videos, we will be sharing the special skills and ideas that make top agents more successful. Check […]

Podcast Sales

The Exciting Sales Opportunities for the Next Six Months

So, the property market is changing. It is a reset and sales opportunities will evolve from that. In today’s podcast, we give you some specific ideas to grow your sales leads and listing chances and possibilities. Note: you can get our free sales tips in our course right here. Use the podcast today to reshape […]


Essential Commercial Real Estate Sales Skills – Part 1

In commercial real estate, there are certain skills to establish and build on. In this video today, we share some of those important base skills, so you can get your real estate business planned out and activated. NOTE: You can get more commercial real estate tips like this for free in our online community. Join […]

Brokerage Videos

Genuine Strategies to Boost Commercial Real Estate Deal Frequency

If you list quality properties in your location as a broker or agent, you will find that the marketing process of one listing will let you talk to many people locally. Understand the listings that you have now and how you can use them in conversations with other people locally. Get out in your property […]

How to Appeal to More Clients and Sellers of Property

In the competitive world of commercial real estate brokerage, there is always the challenge for you as to how your services and property solutions can be more ‘attractive and relevant’ to clients and prospects. Why should they listen to you and why should they list their property with you? In the answer to that question, […]