Custom Designed Cold Calling Video

Cold calling in commercial real estate is all about being professional, relevant and consistent. Approaching new people each day can then be more productive. What does that lead to? Meetings, and potentially listings. Use this video about telephone prospecting to build your real estate contact systems as an agent locally. What happens when you get […]


Cold Call Reluctance Solved Permanently

In commercial real estate brokerage and telephone prospecting, it is easy to get ‘swamped’ and diverted from the key task of making calls. Most people in real estate will avoid the task of call prospecting if there are some other things that can be done. That simple decision remains one of the biggest mistakes for […]

Brokerage Marketing

Canvassing Questions for Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate

When you make cold calls today in commercial property or brokerage, have a set of questions ready to use when you know the person has a need or an interest in property investment or occupancy. This list will help you with your questions. Get Your Commercial Real Estate Resources here…. Strategy and Action will Take […]

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Simple and Easy Steps to Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

To win plenty of new business in commercial real estate, there are certain things you can do and should focus on. The telephone prospecting process is a good way to start. What is the message here? In making calls you will efficiently connect with people across your territory that you have not reached out to […]

Marketing Team

Telephone Prospecting Techniques for Commercial Real Estate

Most agents will avoid making lots of outbound calls each day.  That is a weakness and a problem that impacts their careers substantially over time.  It should not be that way, and it is quickly resolved through a new mindset of helping property owners and business owners with property or investment needs.  It is a […]

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The Untapped Gold Mine of Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate Today

In today’s video show, you can learn how to fire up your real estate business through a direct cold calling programme with property owners and property investors. You can also connect with more business owners in your location and throughout the territory. This video show will help you understand the advantages and the systemization behind […]

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