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If you work in commercial real estate sales, there are many things that you can do in property today to find listings, create transactions, and help your clients. In this podcast today, we share the specific ideas around sales activity and the know sales opportunity in commercial real estate.

Note: If you want some ideas to work through this property cycle you can get them here in our free online course about COVID19 and how to work with that.

Sales Situations of Opportunity

Take these ideas to boost your real estate business over the current property cycle and the changes that are now occurring. There will be people needing to sell property, buy property, and retain some stability with their investments. You can help in those in three ways, and the way to approach people will primarily be across the telephone.

From your remote and home-based office, you can connect with the right people and offer specialized property services in sales at this time. Listen to the podcast today and learn how to do that.

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