Agents Getting Behind the Wheel

This is a special note for my friends around the World. Things have changed a fair bit in commercial and residential real estate with this COVID-19 health event. That has created confusion for many agents, clients, and business owners.

It is easy to accept the confusion and do nothing; that is probably the worst thing you could do in brokerage. You are still in control of what you do, what you think, and how you respond. Your services are so important right now.

The Truth of Things

Here is the truth to remember each day. The top agents and ‘winners’ in this property market ‘get behind the wheel’ and stay active. The real estate business hasn’t gone away; it is just different.

Expect and know that some people you would regard as prospects and clients are thinking about what they can and should do. When will they act? You don’t know. But you must be at their ‘top of mind’ when they move ahead.

At some point, they are going to act in buying, selling, investing, or holding. They will need information soon or now and selected property agents to help them; that is where your value is real and critical.

What is your situation today, tomorrow, and for the coming weeks? What are your choices? You have decisions now, and those choices are essential to the direction you take.

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Your Choices

Your choices today are the foundation of your real estate business over the coming months. What can you do today and every day from now on?

Remove the confusion and set some direction. Think about this:

  • There are certain things you can do every day on the telephone
  • There are plenty of people to talk to in your database and in your lists
  • Your home-based office and in the ‘lock-down’ situation can work in your favour because you control things in your workspace with your telephone and your online tools
  • Most agents can now work remotely with ‘cloud-based’ tools and resources
  • Have you been talking to everyone in your VIP list in the last two weeks?
  • Have you revisited every person that you know and have spoken to about property over the last five years?

Sure, this is a new property cycle which will impact prices and rents, and ultimately yields in investment property. But the transactions will not disappear, and the prediction is that sales will be most active for the foreseeable future.

Top Agents are required to give property owners and investors the information, guidance, and the ‘tools’ to move ahead.

Getting Behind the Wheel

So, you can indeed ‘get behind the wheel’ in your business day. Talking to people on the telephone is the best way to continue the momentum in your real estate business.

A fact to note. Your ‘service’ is now more significant than ever before. Here are some ideas to help you do that with some focus:

  • Some people are waiting for the right property to buy when situations allow
  • Some business owners and property investors will have to sell at some point
  • Others are confused and are seeking guidance about methods and solutions

Those three questions are the foundation of just about every outbound call that you make now and for the coming weeks. Get behind the wheel of your real estate business put out more telephone calls than ever before.

Forget about email; make the calls and talk to people as they need your help. Conversations lead to solutions. The telephone is the foundation of your real estate business today, so use it. Connect with people on the phone.

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