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The listing proposal approach that you adopt and refine over time will be the leverage point for more new business if you are an agent looking for growth of market share.

As agents, we should always strive to improve the listing documentation we use and the methods of approach that apply to the different listing types.

Everything can be improved when you look at the property market today, the levels of enquiry, and the client requirements. The levels of enquiry are good and growing with investors looking to place money into different income streams.

Listing Recommendations

In today’s podcast, I will share with you the very special ways to improve your approach to listings and the recommendations that you make. Every listing should be a strategic process where you can provide the client with the best solutions based on the things that are happening in your location today.

Listing Presentation Layout

So what does your listing document or proposal look like now? Is it a generic template where you change a few pages each time you chase another listing? Or is it a document that is ‘tuned’ to the property, the client, and the current levels of property enquiry?

Of course, there are many things to talk about. The terms of your engagement as an agent are always important to display in the document, but the facts about the property and the client are higher on the list of issues to display and talk about in your document. Let’s help you with that. Check out the real estate podcast here today.

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