The Proven Selling System for Brokers and Agents

Every agent or broker should work with a selling system that they understand and they use each day. Certain things that you do every day will give results, and it is up to every person working at the ‘front line’ of client engagement to develop their system and ensure that it is optimized.

What have you been doing in ‘sales’ to get more new business? Has it been working? When you have a serious look at what you have been doing and what has been happening, you can see ways of improvement. That is improvement in things like:

  • Client contact
  • Property research
  • Business owner contact
  • Investor research
  • Database use
  • Calling and direct mail systems

Systems create results; that is the fact that we can use in brokerage to our advantage. Look at what you are doing now, and what you are not doing. Recognize that improvements can occur, then look for them. Build some new habits around that.

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Build on your brokerage strengths, and remove or adjust the weaknesses by undertaking some practice.

In this sales chart today, we share the important parts of brokers actions and working day. Somewhere in there will be the system that can work for you.

Use this sales chart to build your real estate business faster than ever before.

sales system in commercial real estate brokerage
The proven sales system in commercial real estate brokerage.

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