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In commercial real estate today it is easy to see the top agents that really stand out in their market.  They do certain things each day that build advantages for them in market share, listings, and commissions.

After talking with a number of top agents over the recent twelve months, I have put together a list of key facts or skills that they seem to all have in common.  I have put these facts into a matrix for you.

Notice that the top RHS quadrant holds the skills of the top agents.  Review those skills.  If you place your corresponding skills in other quadrants then you have some work to do.  I have put some comments in red on the chart to help you know what to do from each quadrant.  That can then help you improve as an agent.

Here is the download in PDF for you.

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Thank you John, I shared your matrix on my Linkedin & twitter network @1AptBroker. This is very helpful.

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