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Using Market Intelligence for Lead Generation in Real Estate

Lead generation is an important part of getting anywhere in commercial real estate. The most successful agents follow a system for gathering market intelligence and connecting with people.

Let’s discuss it and review the key issues surrounding lead generation and market intelligence in your area and across your territory.

Knowing Your Market Landscape

Before taking any action in commercial real estate, you must first understand what is happening with property owners, business owners, and local property market activity. Examine the supply and demand factors for investment property in your area and the sales, leasing, and development activities.

There is always something going on in any property market that you can find and take advantage of at any time. Examine current real estate trends and future projections for property occupancy and investment. You can accomplish this by creating activity graphs. When discussing property needs and trends with clients and customers, graphs are extremely useful.

Assess the agent competition in your area and what those agents are doing in terms of marketing, listing, and market share. You can market a listing in a location to other property owners and business owners once you have one. As a result, a single listing becomes a point of leverage in property discussions with others.

Agent Unique Selling Points

Every agent should understand why they are unique and how they distinguish themselves as a relevant agent in a location and across property types. Those differentiators can then be highlighted in any client listing or meeting.

It is advantageous for an agency and a listing if an agent specialises in location and property type. This enables an agent to converse with specific individuals more in-depth and meaningfully. This is known as target marketing.

As you make those connections with people in your area, there are numerous marketing tools at your disposal, as well as technology. Think about how you keep track of all conversations and listing opportunities.

A brief conversation today can be expanded on in a few weeks with the appropriate people. That is where your database will assist you in developing a strong client base.

Create an Online and Personal Presence

Many agencies and salespeople use social media in the hope that it will provide a point of leverage for customer interaction. While this is partially correct, social media is unimportant in the brokerage industry.

Personal approaches and conversations will be used to build the majority of real estate transactions and opportunities. Conversations allow you to qualify people, establish your relevance as an agent, and set up meetings where appropriate.

Today, a good online presence for agents entails writing and posting articles tailored to a market, location, and property type. The article is then useful and interesting to the clients or customers served.

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Writing About the Market

There is a lot to write about in commercial real estate at any time. If you can write a market-related article, publish it on your brokerage website, blog, or social media.

Form an opinion and a niche in your property market by writing about and discussing real estate trends. Your writing shows your customer and client base why and how you are different as a real estate agent locally.

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