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Hot Ways to Market for Real Estate Listings

Marketing for real estate listings today is a very specific process that takes a good degree of planning from an agent perspective. Are you ready for the changing market conditions? Here are some helpful ideas.

In this program today, we share 14 ways to market not only listings, but yourself as a specialist local real estate agent.

You can connect with more real estate people by using a selection of these property promotional ideas. Conversations create listings.

Real Estate Conversations

These are the key principles that will help you create more conversations with the people that need help in commercial real estate, or those that are looking to lease or purchase.

The property market is changing considerably today and will be entering a new cycle for the next couple of years. The workflow system that you develop as an agent will be critical to finding the new people and new business.

Look to the future. Its time to do more in an ongoing way as an agent. A changing property market like that which we have today, is an opportunity for those agents that adjust to a new real estate plan.

Client and Property Clarity

Develop some clarity. If you don’t know exactly who your client is today and where they are located, it’s hard to establish a relationship with them. Start your research.

Contact systems and processes are important for all agents today, and that is where listing and personal promotion ‘kicks-in’. This means that you’ll need to conduct some initial property research and investigations locally on your potential customers by type and location before you get in touch with them.

Let’s build a plan for you to put into your real estate day. Start by drawing some boundaries on a map of the area where you plan to open a new business. Approximately 80% of your business will come from the primary zone over the course of time.

Canvassing Real Estate Zones

Inside your primary zone, look at different property types and client types, as well as the sales and leasing activity over the last 12 months. What do you expect to happen there with those things over the next year or so?

What kind of real estate conversations can you start, and how much of your commission income will potentially come from those ventures? When you create that contact clarity, things get a lot easier from the prospecting position.

sales chart in commercial real estate brokerage
Sales canvassing system in commercial real estate brokerage. Chart by John Highman.

Agent Boundaries

Now and next try to set some other boundaries. Draw a second zone around the immediate primary precincts and call it the secondary zone. The secondary zone can be optimized once you’ve clarified the primary zone for new business.

You’re ready to accept business from the real estate zone’s and the ‘extended’ location. You are now ready to start prospecting and marketing not only yourself, but your listings. Enjoy the real estate growth that you can create.

man developing marketing plan
Know your real estate marketing plan.

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