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How to Expand Your Commercial Real Estate Business in New Markets

In the commercial real estate industry, competition is fierce between agents, and the market is constantly changing. To consistently succeed, you need to be able to identify and grab opportunities as they arise.

One way to gain an advantage over your rivals is through territory growth and working to a plan for that. It is too easy for an agent to get distracted in commercial real estate. Stop the distraction and start the focus.

Let’s get some focus on new business and the ‘steps’ for that. It’s time to build your presence and dominance in a location. We have designed a territory chart for that below.

Territory Plan Chart – Download here

This infographic will help you build your real estate territory to capture more clients and listings.

territory growth plan in commercial real estate
Download the chart here.

Where can you start with your growth plan? Try the key factors below and develop a plan or system for that:

  • locations and precincts
  • property types
  • preferred client base
  • targeted properties
  • targeted people

This means expanding your agent presence and personal influence in a specific geographic region, where you can establish yourself as an expert and cultivate lasting relationships with clients and prospects.

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