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Telephone Prospecting Techniques for Commercial Real Estate

Most agents will avoid making lots of outbound calls each day.  That is a weakness and a problem that impacts their careers substantially over time.  It should not be that way, and it is quickly resolved through a new mindset of helping property owners and business owners with property or investment needs.  It is a […]

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Proven Cold Calling Formula for Brokerage

In the changing commercial real estate market today, the telephone is the most important business tool you can use. Connecting with lots of people using the telephone as a base of new business is so important. Note: Want more new business now? You can get plenty of new business ideas in our free commercial real […]


Simple Systems to Cold Calling Each Day in Brokerage

There are plenty of real estate clients to be spoken to and approached regards property needs. How you do that can be a challenge and usually is for most agents until they understand there focus and market share. Commercial real estate is a great business to be in. It just takes a bit of raw […]

All You Need to Know About Cold Calling

Make your real estate business easier and more successful by using the telephone to connect with more people and prospects. In today’s podcast, we help you understand why call scripts are not so important to what you do, but the professionalism and confidence that you bring to the process is far more important. If you […]


Easy to Implement Cold Calling System

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage today is competitive in so many ways. To handle that you must drive more client and prospect interaction. The best way to do that is with cold calling a list of people constantly every day. Cold calling is the best way to drive more new business in your direction. It is […]


A Simple Cold Calling System that Works

There are plenty of things that you should be doing in commercial real estate brokerage every day. In saying that, the number one issue should be prospecting for new clients and listings. Everything else takes a second position behind that activity. In today’s podcast, you can learn how to make cold calls more successfully in […]


How to Achieve Cold Calling Excellence in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Over time I have written about, and spent a good deal of focus on cold call systems and processes.  In commercial real estate brokerage, the telephone is such an important part of finding and generating new clients and listings.  The telephone is convenient and cheap to use; a process of making more calls is required. […]


A Critical Weekly System for Attracting New Business in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate, every broker or agent should have a specific prospecting model that they work to each week as part of attracting good quality clients and listings.  The specific nature of the model will allow each agent and broker to refine activities and results when it comes to property choices and listing strategies.  […]

4 Cold Calling Tips for Commercial Real Estate Brokers Today

Cold calling is one of those things that many agents and brokers hate.  They simply don’t have the skills and or discipline to get the process under control.  That one simple fact leaves a lot of new business ‘on the table’ for those brokers that can master the art of contact prospecting. (N.B. these templates […]

The 5 Steps to Establishing Your Cold Calling System in Brokerage

Making cold calls can be and most likely is the most challenging aspect of commercial real estate brokerage.  Connecting with new people requires a mindset and a systematic approach.  It is perhaps the fastest way to grow your real estate business and yet also the most frustrating, given the level of discipline and drive required […]

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