How to Develop the Best Sales Skills

As an agent in commercial real estate, your sales skills should constantly be enhanced, encouraged, and improved.  There are plenty of people out in the property market who will test your sales skills and outcomes.  Are you ready for the challenge of sales improvement? So how does an agent become successful in commercial real estate […]

Podcast Sales

The Best Four Ways to Sell More Commercial Property Today

What are the best ways to sell commercial real estate now? You have choices and making the right choices will help you move ahead to better enquiry and inspections faster. Look around your property market and see what is happening and how it is working. Listing inventory is the key to commercial real estate progress […]

Brokerage Podcast

How to Sell Your Commercial Real Estate Services Without Pitching

In commercial real estate brokerage today we all know that the property market is highly competitive and changing through the year. This year will have plenty of opportunities when it comes to clients and listings in commercial real estate.  That is with all property types across retail, industrial, and office property. So, it is time […]


Canvassing Form for Commercial Sales and Leasing Agents

The best way to grow a database of contacts is to capture information when you see it on a canvassing form. There are different ways to do that, and the traditional ‘template form’ is a good way to approach the process. This form is from a group of templates we are sending out to our […]


4 Tips to Quickly and Effectively Close a Sale or Listing

Every day in commercial real estate, we are working with many situations, property types and people. Conversations and connections will be frequent across sales, leasing, and property management as will the challenges.  Somewhere in that interaction will be the elements of property transaction, inspection, negotiation, discussion, and opportunity. The big question for us to watch […]


How to Accelerate Market Share Using Your Sales Listings

There are different ways to approach the sales market today, and particularly so given that the property market is changing. Opportunities with new people in new situations are starting to take shape. Note: If you want more real estate tips and ideas with our regular resource emails, you can join up here for free. In […]