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Learn the Fastest Ways to Sales Planning with Listings

In today’s video, I’d like to give you the ten (10) specific skill sets that all sales agents should possess in order to successfully grow their real estate business.

What is the best place to begin with this? It really doesn’t matter which agency or brokerage you work for; rather, it matters what you do with your time and your real estate tasks on a daily basis. It matters what you do with your listings. Check out the video and the matrix for that.

Long Term Broker Planning

Attracting sales and leasing opportunities is a long-term process that requires planning. It’s a conscious decision to do so.

Every listing represents a unique combination of sales approach and action. As a result, you devote more time to exclusive listings than to general listings. Use the matrix for that.

Agents can improve their marketing approach to all of their listings and sales by refining their approach. Don’t waste your time; instead, take the appropriate action.

Maintain control over your personal real estate focus and your calendar. Every listing has the potential to result in a positive improvement process.

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Making a sales choice.

Making a Sales Difference

Many agents struggle with a sales plan simply because they do not have the commitment and focus necessary at a personal level from the beginning of their careers.

By incorporating the appropriate real estate habits into your business day and working week, you can make a difference.

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Refine your sales skills and focus

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