A Blueprint for Leasing Agent Success

The agent who deals with leasing and selling investment properties today has a substantial edge over those who just transact sales. How come? The landlords and investors in a location are being spoken to by the leasing brokers. They are aware of the importance of supporting landlords’ investment performance. Renting space accomplishes that. Choosing a […]


Why Strategy is the Choice of Leasing Champions

What is happening in your leasing market now? Can you see the new opportunities? In today’s podcast we will help you tap into what is happening and how that is important in offering your future leasing services to landlords and tenants. Don’t Be Generic In Leasing Today Don’t take the ‘generic path’ in leasing today. […]

Leasing Marketing

How to Reach Leasing Expert Status for Your Career in Commercial Property Leasing

A career in commercial and retail property leasing can be very rewarding if you focus on the market segments of landlords and tenants separately.  Either client base can give you opportunities in property leasing. The larger corporate tenants are always on the lookout for specialist leasing help.  You can work for them as a tenants […]

Property Management

Essential Rent Roll Growth Strategies in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial and retail property management are the parts of the property industry that are special in so many ways.  Managing a property today should not be taken lightly; the complexities of commercial and retail property are many.  Controls and strategies are required.  That is where the ‘professional property manager’ is a business advantage. It takes […]


7 Essential Commercial Property Leasing Strategies

Commercial leasing is one of those things where it puts us in contact with landlords in a valuable ongoing way.  The tenant database that you are nurturing and growing now will help greatly with landlord services in leasing and tenant mix optimization.  In any larger property, the process of tenant selection should not be looked […]

Brokerage Property Management

Innovation Health Factors in Commercial Property Management

Creative control is an essential part of commercial and retail property management.  Basically, elements of innovation are part of that day to day property management process as you strive to attract and serve high level clients with your tenant and asset performance services. Think about what you are doing now with your clients and consider […]

Improving Landlord Services in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, the landlords that you know and serve will provide you with significant opportunities over time.  Those opportunities will be across sales, leasing, and property management; trust and communication will help you convert that business at the right time.  (NB – you can get plenty of landlord service ideas in our […]


Take Control of Your Commercial Real Estate Leasing Future Today

There are so many things that you can do in commercial real estate leasing today. In your town or city there will be plenty of services and solutions that you can provide to both landlords and tenants.  (NB – you can get our free commercial real estate leasing training right here) So what can you […]

Property Management

How to Make Commercial Property Management the Sharp End of Your Brokerage Business

Commercial property management is not just about collecting the rent.  It’s about looking for ‘issues’ and resolving them before they impact the property.  Every property will have ‘issues’ for identification and resolve.  That is where we ‘value add’. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly to our friends in Commercial Real Estate Online […]

How to Lift Your Commercial Landlord Services to the Next Level

In commercial property management and leasing today, it is important that your landlord services are refined, specialized, and accurate. Too many mistakes can be made when it comes to leasing, rent collection, and vacancy management. The larger the landlord portfolio, the greater the complexity of service.  Get your services to the level where they are […]

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