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How to Reach Leasing Expert Status for Your Career in Commercial Property Leasing

A career in commercial and retail property leasing can be very rewarding if you focus on the market segments of landlords and tenants separately.  Either client base can give you opportunities in property leasing.

The larger corporate tenants are always on the lookout for specialist leasing help.  You can work for them as a tenants advocate; they should pay a reasonable fee for service.  That means you are to find a suitable property for the company and its expansion, relocation, or contraction.

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The traditional leasing services are provided to landlords to help them resolve vacancies and tenant mix problems.

In these traditional issues, there are opportunities.  Be more strategic in your services offering; show yourself as the leading property leasing expert.  You can add to your property leasing services the special information and local factors of:

  • Rents
  • Lease documentation
  • Vacancy control
  • Tenant placement
  • Incentive alternatives

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