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How to Open a Property Listing Presentation

In today’s commercial property market, there are many opportunities to tap into with clients and properties. In some cases, discussions with clients lead to listing presentations, which should be carefully constructed for ‘relevance’. That relevance is then part of ‘opening’ up on your ideas and recommendations. This listing presentation ‘blueprint’ will help you connect with […]


The Ultimate Listing Presentation Strategy

When you want to win a particular listing in commercial real estate, there are certain ways to go about building a marketing message for the property and the client’s situation. Nothing should be ‘standard’ when it comes to engaging with the client and making clear recommendations about their property, the promotion, target audience, and the […]

Helpful Tips for Securing More Corporate Clients

Corporate clients need plenty of property guidance in the running of their businesses.  That is an opportunity for you as a broker or agent.  Choose your corporate clients with a bias towards quality, size, and stability.  Part of your prospecting model should include that focus. Why is this? It is a changing world where today […]

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How to Confidently Use Your Voice in a Sales Listing Presentation – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

A sales or listing presentation is a special opportunity to connect with the client.  It is likely that a few other brokers or agents are also chasing the same business and or property, so the connection that you make with the client as part of the presentation is critical in so many ways.   Presentation […]


How to Use Your Voice in a Sales Presentation – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage sales, your voice is important as a business tool.  You have important things to say.  What you say and how you say it will help you convert client interest and move conversations towards a successful result.   Your voice helps you display confidence as part of any property presentation; that will […]


Developing Successful Sales Presentation Techniques in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, you should have a refined and practiced sales presentation technique that allows you to show your true professionalism and relevant ideas to the clients and the prospects that you engage with.  Your sales presentation should be improved over time; practice will help you fast track the process.   So, what is […]


What Commercial Property Sellers Look for in Brokerage Services

Understanding the sellers of property in your location will help you package your commercial real estate services and potentially win more listings.  When I say understand the sellers, I am referring to all the challenges and choices that the client may have.  Know those at the issues in your location in the property market today.  […]

Commercial Real Estate – Show and Tell Strategies for Better Listing Conversions

All too often you see or hear a commercial property broker or an agent ‘talk’ about market conditions to a client as part of a listing pitch or presentation.  Whilst the logic seems sensible, a couple of other things should also be done to lift conversions.  Most particularly they are the provision of images and […]

Commercial Brokerage – How to Convert Plenty of Vendor Paid Marketing Monies

In commercial brokerage, the monies that you raise from the client as part of the listing process are very important to the result that both you and the client seek.  Sure, you can list a property without marketing funds, but the momentum with inspections and inquiries will be lower.  A poorly promoted property will stay […]


Commercial Real Estate Sales – Secrets to Listing Success

Every agent is looking to win and convert more new listings.  The essence of the process is to win better quality listings on an exclusive basis; the general or ‘open’ type listings in any town or city are commonly a waste of time, and they usually only convert through a good degree of ‘luck’.  It […]

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