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It is no secret that you can generate lots of new business in commercial real estate by making outbound cold calls. It is the system behind that which will help you get more momentum and results.

In the podcast today, John Highman shares the simple and easy process of making direct prospecting calls to the people that could be the future clients in your real estate business.

Its a New Property Cycle with New People

Today is of course a new property cycle and more investors are on the lookout for good quality properties. For a broker or agent to be highly successful in this new property cycle, everything comes down to finding and converting the listings.

Think about your listings and business. The agent with the listing stock will always attract more enquiry and that will come from buyers and tenants.

So, what is your call prospecting activity and how can you improve things? Have a listen to this program and see how you can improve your call contact processes.

Podcast About Agent Cold Calling

Systems of calling require a bit of strategy and effort, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Knowing who your clients or prospects are will also help with clarity in making more calls and getting results. Top agents do this all of the time.

The more calls that you can make and how you connect with the right people takes a bit of ‘habit’ planning and implementation.

In today’s podcast, we help you understand how that works and what you can do to reach out to new people using the telephone. We also give you a simple call script that you can apply to your efforts and activities.

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