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A Complete Package of Listing Skills for Agents Today

When you have a property listing to promote, structure a comprehensive campaign that covers all the bases of enquiry in your location. Package your listing skills to attract the best enquiry levels.

Expect that all properties will be ‘marketable’ and that there will be buyers to be found. In any property market or economy, there are always buyers for commercial, industrial, or retail property.

Ultimately as agents, we do not set the prices of a property. The property market and the economy will do that quite effectively.

As agents, we introduce a promotional strategy to all properties listed, and then we find the groups and the people in the target market to approach.

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Superior Selling and Marketing Skills

Our skills as agents are in the marketing of a property, not in setting prices. That marketing allows for the property’s location, type, and condition.

Whatever the parcel may be and wherever it is located, our skills in real estate marketing are the value that we bring to clients and customers of real estate.

Attracting the Real Estate Enquiry

So how would you attract more enquiries for a quality listing that you have listed? You can create a checklist approach to the different classes of property.

Here are some factors to start that checklist off for you.

Defined Target Audiences

Who would buy the property, and why would that be the case? Do the analysis.

When you know who the buyers of the property could be, the advertising approach gets a lot easier. The promotional message can be tuned to what the buyers think or would want.

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Deeper Local Area Coverage

Most property buyers purchase in locations they know and where they understand the property types. Likewise, investors like to purchase in regions and precincts that are familiar to them.

For both reasons, you can get plenty of results in any local area marketing program. Talk to the local people; that is the process.

Neighbouring Property Owners

Check out the property owners surrounding the listing. They may be interested in purchasing the property you have just listed.

As obvious as that situation may seem, most agents neglect to chase down the adjoining property owners as part of any property marketing campaign. Use the idea to your advantage.

Engage with the adjacent property owners. Even if they may have no immediate purchase requirement, you can at least identify if they are a property player or investor in the future.

Every property listing is a reason to talk to other people in the location.

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Entire Database Marketing

Delve into your database regularly. When you talk to your clients and prospects regularly, you can identify when their property situations may change, or challenges and opportunities could arise.

Conversations lead to meetings and listing discussions. Many transactions are created off the market through agents working their database comprehensively. What can you do with your database?

We all know the system of email marketing. You can use that process for circulating your listings to qualified people and prospects in your database.

Also, send out regular property tips that can apply to investment and property ownership. The latter can help you build your brand and encourage inbound calling you back at the right time when property requirements arise.

Feature Marketing of Online Listings

You can list a property online; however, there are degrees of success in doing that.

You can list properties with priority placement for the advert online. That placement will cost extra money; however, that should be part of vendor-paid marketing for any exclusive listing.

Many top agents will assess the levels of converted vendor-paid marketing monthly to ensure they are creating more inquiries for newly created listings.

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Real Estate Editorials

Some properties will have a history that interests the target market or the local community. When investigating the property’s history, consider property usage, occupancy, business operations, and community awareness. A simple story from the property’s history will allow you to get an editorial into the local newspapers online and through the published property pages.

Social Media Coverage

Too much focus and hype are applied to social media in real estate today. It is only ever a low-level results marketing activity.

Why is that? It doesn’t have much application in commercial real estate, given that the investors and the business owners purchasing a commercial property don’t spend much time on social media.

So, advertising any property through social media should only be regarded as a C Class marketing strategy. Social media is more relevant in residential property than commercial property.

Good Quality Professional Photos

When advertising a property online or through newspapers and brochures, use professional photographs where possible.

Professionally taken property images will enhance the attraction factor for the property throughout the marketing campaign.

You can also change the photos in the advert or refresh the images fortnightly throughout the campaign. That strategy works well with exclusive listings.

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Keywords for Online Marketing

Always build your promotional marketing campaign for any property listing incorporating the keywords for the location, the target market, the property type and improvements, and the asset features.

You can do a keyword assessment through most search engines online. Consider how you would search for a property as a buyer or tenant.

What would you type into the search engines when looking for a property to purchase or occupy? The keywords are those that people would use in the search process. Then, feed the keywords into the advertisements for the asset.

Marketing Campaign Refreshing

Think about the best time to sell the property. That may be the best time of year to get the best price and enquiry.

Ultimately it is the time of year when the buyers of commercial property and the identified target audiences would be most active.

So, stage your promotional campaigns for the best timings of local enquiry. Some properties are so unique that certain times of year are a priority to consider in sales campaigns.

Track and Measure all Marketing

From the start of the property campaign, track the enquiries and the feedback you are getting so you know what is working and what is a problem in the promotional cycles.

It is not unusual to shift the marketing ‘goal posts’ as the promotional campaign of a property proceeds.

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Marketing in a Nutshell

These strategies can help you attract and convert more enquiries for your real estate listings today.

But first, build every promotional campaign around the feature factors of the property, the client’s priorities, and the local area or target market.

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