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Top VIP clients in commercial real estate are typically those who own high-quality properties in desirable locations. They are good clients to have and to maintain relationships with.

Even so, you will discover that gaining their trust and attention will take some time. In addition, you will be competing against other agents with different marketing packages and ideas.

Who are your top clients? Why do you consider them in that way? How can you help them over time? These three questions mean a lot with growing a client database and contact list.

Key Client Categories

An important client or VIP is one who has been active in the market for a long period of time and has dealt with a variety of real estate challenges and opportunities. They are also the people that will hold many properties in a variety of locations and across property types.

Diversity is important when clients get serious about property ownership and investment. You can help with that diversity.

Who Are Your Top Clients?

Identify the property and location preferences of your best clients and then provide them with information about new property opportunities as they become obtainable. This aids in the matching of people and the creation of deals that are not on the open market.

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Top Agent VIP Strategies

Become known for providing a level of professional service that is difficult to match by others.  Also get known as the agent that is prepared to do more for your VIP clients to get better results in shorter periods of time. 

Ultimately your clients want results in a timely way that is backed up by proven strategies.  Build your commercial real estate business around that concept. Communicate specific strategies about the client and their property.

Check out this list of ideas about how you can grow and maintain your VIP lists of clients in commercial real estate today.

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