Developing Astounding Results from Your Listing Presentation

If you’re a commercial, industrial, or retail real estate agent or broker, you’ll have a natural approach to the listing presentation process. Do you want to improve that presentation style? Here are some ideas. Having confidence in your listing style and professional skills demonstrates to the client that you are committed to finding a solution […]

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4 Tips on Delivering a Powerful Sales Listing Presentation

In presenting your commercial real estate recommendations to a client about their property need and challenge, your recommendations and the strategy to the process should be considered and optimised. In today’s podcast, John Highman shares four specific ideas that can help you show your eligibility and readiness to list a clients property. Competence and capability […]

How to Prepare a Focused Listing Proposal in Commercial Real Estate

As a specialist commercial real estate broker or agent, you will be preparing a good number of business proposals and particularly list strategies over time. The documents that you prepare should always be carefully considered for the listing, the location, the market conditions, and the client in question. The documents should also be of the […]

Commercial Real Estate – Show and Tell Strategies for Better Listing Conversions

All too often you see or hear a commercial property broker or an agent ‘talk’ about market conditions to a client as part of a listing pitch or presentation.  Whilst the logic seems sensible, a couple of other things should also be done to lift conversions.  Most particularly they are the provision of images and […]


Do It Yourself Sales Pitch Secrets for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents – Report

I have spoken about pitching for listings in many different ways over the years, across sales, leasing, and property management.  Relevance is the key to attracting the client’s attention and conversion of the listing. Practice will also help you with that important equation. Sometimes a unique client or property will require a special approach with […]


3 Effective and Direct Presentation Strategies to Convert More Listings in Commercial Real Estate

When it comes to building your property market momentum in commercial real estate brokerage, a good degree of branding and personal prospecting will be required.  To gain any reasonable levels of momentum and conversion as an agent or a broker, people need to remember you. Why do they need you? Understand that the local clients, […]

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