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The Must Use Team Advantage in Commercial Real Estate Presentations

There is an advantage to be taken in using the combined experiences of your real estate team within your listing presentations.  Sometimes the combined effort and coverage of the sales team is both a leverage and a marketing strength when it comes to commercial real estate sales. If you have good people in your team…

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Commercial Property Proposal Template Priorities

When you work with commercial properties and clients, there are constant demands on you for high-quality proposals to sell or lease a property, and thereby effectively resolve a clients challenge with their investment(s).  There are also requirements (albeit different) for property management proposals. So, what are the rules?  Over the years, I have determined a ‘formula’…

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Get the Client to Think of Exclusive Listing Benefits

When you are pitching for a listing, get the client to think about the real benefits of your ideas and your recommendations.   Your ideas should stand out beyond that of your competitors.  Match your ideas to the property situation, and the target market.  Have some stories to tell as part of engaging the clients…

Effective Things to do in any Commercial Property Presentation

Effective Things to do in any Commercial Property Presentation

Commercial real estate brokerage today can be quite competitive when it comes to any listing opportunity and client presentation.  It is very common for a single listing opportunity to be tendered between numbers of agents. Beware of the client that demands too much as part of the listing process.  Difficult clients are those that typically…

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Broker Confidence and Optimism Helps Win More Commercial Property Presentations

When it comes to pitching and presenting your commercial real estate services to a new client, a good degree of personal confidence and optimism is required at a personal level with agents.  Those two factors will help the client in the selection of the best brokerage for the listing.   Could that be your brokerage? The…

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Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Rise Above the Competition and Win More Listings

How to Stand Out in a Noisy Commercial Property Market If you are currently working in commercial real estate brokerage, it is likely that you will have some competitors to work against with listings and clients; the property market will be ‘noisy’ with competitors fighting for the same properties and clients.  Some presentations and listing…

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Tailor Your Commercial Real Estate Listing Pitch to the Clients Property

When you are wanting to win a listing or a new client, make sure that your listing or commercial real estate services pitch is directly tailored to the client’s intelligence, market knowledge, property situation and property.  As simple as the rule seems, so many agents take the ‘generic’ approach and thereby fail to lift their…

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