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Elevate Your Listing Game: Expert Strategies for Commercial Property Sales Presentations

Today’s audio podcast is about the property market and how you can adjust your listing pitch to be better than other agents in your location. Plenty is going on in real estate today. You can be part of that. In today’s competitive property market, mastering the art of sales and listing pitches is critical to […]

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How to Pitch and Present a Commercial Real Estate Listing Like a Pro (Plus a Free Slide Deck)

In commercial real estate, you must frequently pitch and present your ideas to clients and prospects. Many of those ideas are for clients looking for property help, ideas, and solutions. Sometimes, you are pitching for special solutions, like project leasing or property management. Either way, you can always be very specific in listing and sharing […]

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7 Ways to Win Listing Presentations

Many agents don’t spend enough time planning their listing presentations. Today’s property market is so competitive, so we must adjust to that and work with it. Every real estate listing presentation should be unique with specific information and providing solid recommendations. To win more real estate business, your ideas in the listing presentation must be […]

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How to Give a High-Quality Listing Presentation in Commerical Real Estate

In commercial real estate today, there are many ways to do a listing presentation, and through all of those things, the formula has to be just right. What is your ‘formula’ for a listing pitch or property presentation? Can it be improved? The answer is always ‘yes’. It just takes time and practice to make […]

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Excellent Listing Strategies for Commercial Agents Today

There are many different motivations out there in the commercial property market now. New clients need help, and some are still to develop decisions with prices, marketing, time to sell, time to buy. Listing stock is starting to emerge in the property market with industrial property particularly. As always, industrial property is closely geared to […]


Why Deep Listening is a Negotiation Advantage Today

We all know that the property market has changed in the last few months and will change a lot more in the coming months.  Conditioning the client is not so much of an issue any more.  The media is doing an excellent job of that.  Let Automatic Conditioning Happen The media and market conditions are […]

Abundance – Know Why People Will List Property With You

There is no point in chasing a listing unless you know clearly why the client should list their property with you.  Have you got a specific answer?  Can you show the client why you are the better agent solution for their property?  Top agents have answers to these questions. Relationships are essential in securing a […]


Commercial Real Estate Online – Podcast 2019 Episode 23

In today’s podcast you can learn how to focus and improve your Commercial Real Estate Listing Sales Pitch and Presentation Strategy.  You can get or listen to the Podcast below:

Creative Sales Pitch Ideas Chart

In Commercial Real Estate Brokerage, the listing pitch for sales and or leasing has to be special in so many ways.   The conversion of the listing is just the start of the process of marketing and connecting with the target audience.  Essentially, the client has to believe that they are working with a top agent […]

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How to Confidently Use Your Voice in a Sales Listing Presentation – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

A sales or listing presentation is a special opportunity to connect with the client.  It is likely that a few other brokers or agents are also chasing the same business and or property, so the connection that you make with the client as part of the presentation is critical in so many ways.   Presentation […]

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