Abundance – Know Why People Will List Property With You

There is no point in chasing a listing unless you know clearly why the client should list their property with you.  Have you got a specific answer?  Can you show the client why you are the better agent solution for their property?  Top agents have answers to these questions.

Relationships are essential in securing a listing, sure, but the real way you win listings will usually be based around strategy, recommendations, and simplicity.  The client wants to know that you are entirely in control of their property situation.

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So you have some questions to think about here. 

Key Questions for You in Brokerage

Why will clients list their property with you?  Can you provide some valuable solutions that are better than the other agents locally?  Here are some ideas to help:

  1. Provide some direct recommendations regards the property and its position locally given all of the competing properties around it.  Review the local properties in all ways possible and where necessary, use photos of competing properties and sales or leasing results.  Facts that are proven from the property market are hard to ignore.  Other listings will give you those facts.
  2. Provide the client with some stories relating to the property type, location, and other clients that you have served.  Those stories should be of relevance to the area and the property type.  Stories give the client some comfort when it comes to choosing an agent and proceeding with marketing spend.
  3. Determine what the strengths are within the property, and use those strengths when it comes to establishing a promotional message to the target audience.   As a direct offset, resolve any weaknesses in your property before you take it into the promotional campaign.
  4. Be very specific about who’s the target audience will be, and how you will connect with the target audience over time. What you are doing here is showing the client you understand the pressures that they are under and what they want to achieve.  You are the solution provider, so use that to your advantage.
  5. Tell the client about the target audience and the depth of your database relative to the target audience. It is hard for any client to ignore direct marketing activities into a targeted group of people as part of a marketing campaign. Sure, there are plenty of advertising alternatives online and in direct marketing. But the real message and the closure of any property sale or lease situation can usually be achieved faster through direct marketing to the target audience. Use that fact to your advantage as part of the listing process.

All of these strategies will give the client choices in moving through the agent decision.  You can and should be the best agent option for the client.  Design your property presentation and client discussions around these things. 

These facts will help you show the client that you are the best brokerage choice and the reason why the client will list with you.  When you have ‘won’ the listing, the hard work starts.  The rewards will follow.

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