Using Stories to Strengthen Your Commercial Real Estate Sales Pitch

When it comes to working with clients and prospects, the stories that you tell will help you significantly when it comes to winning the business and converting the client.  It is a known fact that a client will listen more intensely to you when it comes to a story of relevance.  They will also remember that story for a longer period of time.  In that way you will make your presentation or sales pitch much more effective.

Why is this so?  The story telling process creates a picture in the client’s mind of a situation.  No longer do they need to consider only the facts and details that you are presenting to them.  They paint the picture from the story that you are giving them.  The story will stay with them well after you have completed your presentation.

The longer that you work in the property market, the greater number of stories you have available to tell.  Even at the early stages of your career, you will have some stories and experiences that you can use.  To take full advantage of this process, write the stories down and shape them for the situation or advantage.  Practice your stories and improve the words that you use in the process.

So the message here is that the story telling process will help you with your proposals and presentations.  Here are some ideas to help you with that:

  1. Identify the properties that you have worked on in the local area that can have immediate relevance to any upcoming listing opportunity.  Have stories that relate to the differing situations of sales, leasing, and property management.  Cover the different property types of office, industrial, and retail.
  2. Review the clients that you have worked with in recent time that had a unique or challenging property issue to handle.  Your prospective clients of today will like to know that they are not alone when it comes to property pressures and situational challenges.
  3. Some other property listings in the local area that may be difficult to sell or lease can also be the subject of a story about the marketplace.  Take photographs of those properties to support you with the necessary message and key concepts.
  4. The stories that you tell should be accurate in every respect.  Ensure that you are not breaching any matters of confidentiality in talking about another property or a client.  Suitably edit the story so that you are not breaching any previous client relationships and divulging private information.
  5. Some competing real estate agencies may be struggling when it comes to the marketing and inspection process of nearby properties.  That can be a story worth telling.  Respect the professional relationship with your competitor as you tell the story about their inability to market and sell or lease a particular property.

So the storytelling process can help you significantly when it comes to your presentations and proposals.  Gather a significant group of messages and stories that can be merged into your client connection process.

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