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Time-Tested Solutions for Cold Calling in Real Estate

Some real estate agents struggle with telephone prospecting and cold calling. They are then the first to proclaim that ‘cold calling is dead’. Nothing could be further from the truth in the real world. Here is why.

Real estate opportunities are found in the conversations created and made with property ‘interested’ people. So, the question then is, ‘How can you create many more conversations each day?’.

The simple answer is to use the telephone. Establish the telephone prospecting system and practice the process of what you say and what you talk about.

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Boosting New Business

Professional telephone conversations created with new people in commercial real estate will boost your listing chances and meeting opportunities. No other real estate prospecting method is as effective.

What is happening in the real estate world? Situations change in real estate ownership and opportunity throughout the year. Investors come and go from the commercial property market, and sales and leasing trends always exist in many property classes. Are you tapping into the local people and all the commercial property changes?

If you are a real estate agent, your success in the industry comes down to your ability to find changing property situations and tap into them. It is time to take your conversations to the next level. That is done by talking to more people each day.

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Improve your call skills with practice

Skills in Making Effective Calls

One of the big mistakes that many real estate agents make is thinking that anyone can make ‘cold calls’ and that it is just a process.

The essence of success in making telephone prospecting work in commercial real estate is centered on practice. That is the practice of what is said and how things are done. Improve your outbound call numbers and systems for making more calls to the right people.

Top agents practice making calls and improving the process through dialogue and systems. Those agents think about making more calls and getting better results from talking to more people daily.

You can ‘improve’ things by considering the following facts and improving on them:

  • Researching the right property interested people to talk to real estate agents
  • Creating a simple ‘entry script’ that you are comfortable with
  • Dedicating a specific time of day when the calls can be made to achieve a more significant effect
  • Tracking conversations and building a pipeline of ongoing relevance
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Set your plan in place

Database Strategies

You can use tools in real estate prospecting that can make the job easier. The essential tool to implement early will be a database or list of some type and form. Spreadsheets are OK, but database software is by far superior.

When you talk to many people, you must track the conversations to know what was said in the last connection. You can build on the previous discussion by following the statements and facts. Call tracking is important because everyone has different property needs and attitudes.

If you can ‘tune’ your conversation to the person you are talking to, the better the results you will get as you reconnect over time.

Sharing Property Facts

In closing on this critical real estate prospecting strategy, have you ever considered how your conversations can align more with the local area or property people you call?

Gather some facts about property prices, rents, supply, and demand. Use media releases and recent transaction results to build your information for conversations.

The best agents have something to talk about. Use the idea to develop your real estate business by cold calling, and start practising what you say and how you say it. The property market is waiting for your activity and connections.

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Make plenty of outbound calls each day

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