An Easy System for Listing Opportunities

How can you create more listing opportunities in commercial real estate today? It is a changing market but one that is likely to open up considerably over the next 12 months as investors seek and find ways of growing their portfolios.

So you need a plan for brokerage right now. Don’t just think about commercial real estate sales or leasing in isolation; instead, “open up” the service options you have to offer by offering a variety of services in the areas of sales, leasing, and property management, among other things.

The best way to provide professional services as a buyer’s agent, a seller’s agent, a real estate property management specialist, an apartment or premises leasing specialist, or a tenants’ agent is to educate yourself.

Check out below the podcast today about finding listings in commercial property.

Be Local and Think Local Property

Local property knowledge backed up by strategic ideas will be a good way to grow your real estate business now.

One property transaction with one person today is likely to result in another transaction with others in the future. Think about real estate referrals. Are you asking the questions about referrals?

More Possibilities and More People

Think beyond a single real estate transaction with a single person. When you do that you can ask more questions about referrals and leads.

One conversation can take you into other things and situations where people need property help.

Remember, you are the investment and relocation solution for property owners and business proprietors. Market yourself accordingly.

By providing comprehensive property services, you can add value to all of your transactions. How can you adapt to the differences in office, industrial, and retail property types as a result of these considerations? When it comes to those types of commercial property assets, where do the opportunities lie?

Who Are Your Client Prospects Now?

There will be better clients and prospects to work for in your town or city, but there will also be a large number of ordinary people to interact with. So you should create a ‘filter’ to apply to people and property situations. Talk to many real estate people, but only engage with some. That is a good rule to set in brokerage today.

Make your selections and pick the right property people who will or should be targeted; this “targeting process” will result in higher-quality leads and listings as time progresses.

Premium Client Prospects

In order to make the most of your “quality client list,” you should create a premium list of the top 40 or 50 people who you suspect should be part of your real estate community for the long haul.

As a result of doing this, you should be able to connect with at least one person on that priority list every day, in addition to your regular client or customer discovery pursuits. That is how you win more listings.

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