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Key Relationships to Build in Sales and Marketing

The property market is constantly under change. We cannot change that as agents, but it is our opportunity. Building client relationships with key people around your location is critical to business growth.

Consider your property market now and your database. How many people do you know, and how are you growing that list? Relationships are the core part of the growing market share for real estate agents today in commercial property.

From the perspective of ‘relationships’, it pays to ask yourself who your clients should be by type and location. At that point, you can research and reach out to the right people.

You could say that ‘clarity’ in defining your clients will help you proceed to meeting and listing opportunities over time.

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Required Relationships for Agents Today

Finding the right real estate people and connecting with them can take a reasonable effort. So, the prospecting process is ongoing and can be ‘tweaked’ as required to ensure that your client lists are growing. So, are you ready to reach out to more people?

Client Groups to Watch

Here are some property client groups by category that you can reach out to and connect with comprehensively.

What groups can you relate to from this list, and how will you find them? Start here.

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Check out the owners of other quality property locally

Landlords of Existing Properties

When you break down a location, you will see some more significant and quality properties that stand out. Those property owners as landlords are ‘A’ clase prospects. Get to know them.

Choose a ‘hit list’ of properties and owners you want to chase down within groups of industrial, retail, and office-type assets.

Owner Occupiers and Business Owners

Some local businesses by type and precinct will stand out as owner-occupiers. They will have pressure points and requirements for property in the future.

What do you do with those people? You can act as a buyer or tenant agent to help them find what they want.

Invariably, a local business owner doesn’t have the time to find the following property to change into. They are typically prepared to pay for that service with a quality real estate agent that knows the property type or market.

Tenants Locally in Properties

Look around your region and precincts, and in doing that, don’t overlook tenants locally. They are doing business in your region and will need help.

In addition, given the changing property economy, some business segments and tenants will be more active than others, so seek out the pressure points in the leasing and tenant market.

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There are plenty of developers in a location or city.

Local Property Developers

Property development opportunities will fluctuate based on location, construction costs, land supply, and local demand from investors and business owners.

Track and connect with the developers in your region to create a shortlist of possible ‘players’ for the next parcel of land or property redundancy you can find.

Franchise Groups and Brands

Many franchise groups exist in most towns or cities today. The franchise industry has matured, and the leasing structures for those groups are well known.

What do they want in local property and or business location? What types of leases do they need?

Each year a ‘franchise directory’ will be released to the public. That list will make it easier to find the brands within the franchise groups you think you can help.

Vital VIP Relationships

There are many people in these categories of contact. You can decide where to centre your client contact processes from the provided list and then build your prospecting model.

Some groups will be very active given the existing property market circumstances; hence it pays to start with conversations, calls, meetings, and appraisals.

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Get to know plenty of commercial real estate people.

Make the Connections

Lift the telephone and talk to many people and choose your VIPs as part of that. That skill requires a solid mindset of call contact and progress.

Track the number of outbound calls you make daily and the number of meetings and appraisals you can generate. That is where new business opportunities will be found.

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