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Why You Need a Note-taking System or App in Real Estate

Taking notes in commercial real estate is all part of the business. You can take notes on properties, people situations, meetings, and business systems or changes. Your ability to take those notes and later follow up will impact your growth in activities and the finding of listings. In commercial real estate, there are always plenty […]

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Slide Deck – How to Build Your Real Estate Business Today

There are a number of ways to reach out to new people in commercial real estate, and as an agent, you should be developing a few specific processes that you can use on a daily basis. Building a real estate business is all about creating conversations in a regular and ongoing way with people who […]

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The Ultimate Guide to Sales Canvassing in Commercial Real Estate: Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

A sales canvassing plan in commercial real estate involves people, properties, and precincts. The canvassing plan in sales allows an agent to connect to all those property market elements. Ultimately the target of the process is to win new business. If you want more listings or market share growth as an agent, consider structuring your […]


The Core Real Estate Habits that Matter Today

In commercial real estate brokerage, the habits you apply to your agency activities daily will make-or-break results and improvement over time. Progress comes from activity and habits. That is a personal thing. You know the things that you can and should be doing every day. How is that working for you? Can it be better? […]

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Key Relationships to Build in Sales and Marketing

The property market is constantly under change. We cannot change that as agents, but it is our opportunity. Building client relationships with key people around your location is critical to business growth. Consider your property market now and your database. How many people do you know, and how are you growing that list? Relationships are […]

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Top Real Estate Agent Planning

Where are you in your real estate career?   Would you like to give it a boost? You can do certain things in commercial real estate that will provide you with a market advantage. That is a real estate agent plan. When you do those special things regularly and then expand on them, the real estate […]

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Agent Workflow Lessons You Can Benefit From

Success in commercial real estate brokerage is about establishing and maintaining relationships with clients. Your real estate business will expand as you gain more clients. So, where can you go with this focus? First, you should create a sales workflow that puts clients (current and new) firmly at the centre of your real estate day. […]


Custom Designed Cold Calling Video

Cold calling in commercial real estate is all about being professional, relevant and consistent. Approaching new people each day can then be more productive. What does that lead to? Meetings, and potentially listings. Use this video about telephone prospecting to build your real estate contact systems as an agent locally. What happens when you get […]


How to Cash In With Better Agent Market Share

In brokerage sales and leasing, it always pays to understand what is going in your location regarding brokerage opportunities.  In other words, you can and should choose your property market segments by type and location so that you are optimizing the future.  A random approach to that doesn’t work well. Put some system in your […]

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The Keys to Staying Motivated as an Agent Today

In commercial real estate, most agents suffer degrees of distraction and confusion at some point in their real estate career.  Usually, it is in the first year or so that this happens, and then it can and will usually reoccur at later times each year.  Stay on top of the issue and do not let […]

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