Proven Telephone Cold Calling Techniques for Real Estate

As the property market changes with this World health event, the telephone is now a powerful business tool in a number of ways. It connects you to current clients, prospects, and more importantly new people. A fact for you today. Call contact activities help you find more change and churn in real estate, and that […]


Brainstorming Matrix for Better Sales

The sales process in commercial real estate is reasonably straightforward. In saying that there are a number of things to watch and optimize over time. Use this sales chart below to set some indicators to watch for yourself in brokerage activities. Know what is happening in your property market and why that is the case. […]

Property Management Retail

Step by Step Guide to a Retail Shopping Center Presentation

Let’s say that you have the chance of pitching and presenting your services on a good quality retail shopping center.  Your services could include Property Management, Asset Management, and Leasing.  There are many things to consider and talk about.  Great opportunities are waiting to be ‘tapped’. Get All Retail Property Facts The client will have […]


Customer Relationship Management System Examples in Commercial Real Estate

Just about everything we do in commercial real estate brokerage should be evolving around customers and clients.  It doesn’t matter whether you work in sales, leasing, property management, or any other variation of service in the industry, your CRM system should be at the centre of your brokerage business.   Client Contact Matrix Chart   […]


Personal Online Marketing Free Wall-chart Download for Commercial Brokers

The process of marketing in commercial real estate has changed and is continuing to do so.  The online marketing process at a personal level is now becoming more important than ever before.  Whilst you are doing the deals in sales, leasing, and property management, you should also be marketing yourself online so your prospects can […]

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