CRM systems chart by John Highman

Customer Relationship Management System Examples in Commercial Real Estate

Just about everything we do in commercial real estate brokerage should be evolving around customers and clients.  It doesn’t matter whether you work in sales, leasing, property management, or any other variation of service in the industry, your CRM system should be at the centre of your brokerage business.


Client Contact Matrix Chart


I like to split clients and prospects up into segments such as:


  • Property type – exactly what types of property will suit the person?
  • Contact information – capture all the facts about the person and how to contact them across all communication channels
  • Property size – it could be a premises, a property, or a suite; either way, you should understand the size priorities in property choice
  • Property zone – some precincts are a high priority for sellers, buyers, tenants, and business owners; ask the right questions.
  • Budget – that will be in rent, or price as the case may be.  Have they got the money to move on the property opportunity?
  • Rent, Buy, Sell – know how the transaction would be preferred and then determine how it will happen.
  • Timing – understand the pressure of time and selecting the property to move into.  Some businesses take a lot of time to relocate.
  • Priority – determine how you should handle the priority of helping the prospect or client.  Know how urgent things are for them and why that is the case.


So there are some facts to work with here in building a CRM contact process in commercial real estate brokerage.

Here are the critical things that I implement in a contact and list building process in sales, leasing, and property management.  You can get the file below:

VIP client contact chart by John Highman
Commercial Real Estate Broker CRM Chart by John Highman

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