How to Increase Your Client Retention and Loyalty with These Simple Strategies

As a real estate agent in commercial real estate today, you will most likely be busy responding to inquiries, clients, marketing campaigns, and inspections. So you’ll have plenty to do throughout your working day. Throughout it all, however, you must provide expert feedback to your clients on their property listings. Your responses and feedback should […]

Marketing Sales

Key Relationships to Build in Sales and Marketing

The property market is constantly under change. We cannot change that as agents, but it is our opportunity. Building client relationships with key people around your location is critical to business growth. Consider your property market now and your database. How many people do you know, and how are you growing that list? Relationships are […]


Real Estate Prospecting Procedure Part 2

Prospecting for new business in commercial real estate is the focus of today’s video. This is the second part of the video that we previously posted to YouTube. Why is prospecting so important now? This is a new market and cycle, which means that all real estate agents should now be thinking about the new […]

Marketing Team

Commercial Real Estate Prospecting Made Easy Part 1

Real estate prospecting systems are all about personal processes and how an agent or broker works with that system in a consistent way. Think about your real estate activities and the last few weeks. How are things going for you? Would you like to improve? As a simple idea here to set up your ‘system’, […]

Brokerage Marketing

Client Contact System for More Listings

To win listings in commercial real estate as an agent, your communication skills should be honed as part of your professional development plan. Top Agents contact their clients comprehensively and completely. Real estate marketing is not an experiment, and top clients want to use the best agents for a property type or location. Those are […]

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Your First Steps to Take in Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

Commercial real estate brokerage is a specific process. At the foundation of everything in your real estate business are relationships that you establish with clients and the growth cycle of listings. How you get to that business base is important and systems of regular contact can take you there. Good real estate systems build a […]

Brokerage Podcast

Top Rated Solutions for Prospect Pipeline Growth

Learn how to set up and create a pipeline of commercial real estate prospects and clients. Use the change and churn in this property market to grow your real estate business faster. In simple terms, the pipeline approach to your real estate market can really work. Note: If you want to get our agent resources […]


A New Business Prospecting Solution in Brokerage

New business generation in commercial real estate is something that takes or requires a systematic approach at a personal level. In today’s podcast, you can learn how to get more activity around you in a positive way. To get a reasonable market share around you in commercial real estate brokerage you should consider your daily […]


How to Find New Business in Commercial Real Estate

Every agent or broker in commercial real estate should have a new business strategy. That is something that they do every day and as part of that, refine the process so it becomes more successful as the momentum moves ahead. In today’s video, we share some ideas about new business systems in brokerage and how […]


Easy Systems to Follow in Commercial Real Estate Prospecting

In today’s video, you can learn how to establish a prospecting system in commercial real estate brokerage for yourself. That will allow you to build your business more directly and effectively through your territory and with your preferred client types. There are three specific strategies here in the video to work with, so choose the […]

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