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Cultivating Success: 5 Compelling Reasons to Pursue an Investment Sales Career

I have shared here the five reasons why I think a career in commercial real estate is a great choice. Of course, it is not for everyone, but particularly for those who bring personal discipline and drive to the industry.

Are you ready to work hard? Sure, there are things to know and develop, but that is always the case with the most rewarding sales-based careers.

Opportunities and Challenges

The challenge in commercial real estate is definitely worth it! So, here are the five key reasons worth sharing and thinking about for you as an agent.

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Manage yourself and your contact skills

1. Real Estate Possibilities

The opportunities are unlimited for all agents, provided they continuously develop themselves and their property knowledge in parallel with client contact.

You can never stop learning in this industry, given the property market changes and the requirements of business owners and investors.

Our clients in commercial investment sales are looking for property solutions and opportunities. That is where the new business and listings are found.

How relevant and accurate are the services you offer now to your client base and the prospects in the location? How can you be better than the other agents locally?

Top agents are ‘individual’ and unique regarding business service offerings. The career possibilities are endless when you focus on improving your commercial real estate services, market channels, and contact processes.

2. Independence and Autonomy

Work and career independence are always there for those agents who work toward a plan and strategy.

As with all jobs or careers, progress comes through actions that can be tuned to locations, property market trends, and client requirements.

It doesn’t matter what the property market is doing, but it does matter what an agent is doing regarding service solutions and options.

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There are many different situations for agents today.

3. Getting to Know More People

Engaging with people is part of everyday activities. If you are looking for more new business, the question is how to contact more people and offer the special, unique services the market requires.

The property market is constantly changing, and that is a good thing. As agents, we adjust to the market and the requirements of our client base and local community.

Consider today’s property market and how your services can align with the real estate pressure points or opportunities for investors and business owners. They are the two groups of clients that can offer you plenty of opportunity over time.

If you are looking for new business, focus on your contact processes daily. The new business you’re looking for is always out there, and the agents can always find it with diligent daily activity.

4. Skills Progression

They say that you never really stop learning in commercial real estate. That would be the case across all property groups and service types.

Consider specialising your real estate activities into certain precincts and property types to get more results from your client base and the property industry generally in your location.

There is no point spreading yourself too far across a large location and all property groups. Things get too hard when you do that. Concentrate your real estate efforts on property zones, precincts, and client types.

Build your property knowledge around sales, leasing, and investment performance activities with the property types or classes you focus on.

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Plan to grow and plan to win, then start working on it.

5. Income Growth

The income you seek in commercial real estate will come through sales activity and the commissions generated. The income opportunities will increase over time as you connect with more people in your client base and location.

How can you service those people, and how can your services stand out as relevant in real life for the location? The important thing to remember is that the property market is constantly changing, and your skills and focus can change with that.

If you are seeking more income opportunities, then the question to consider is how to create more listings on an exclusive basis. When you convert a property to an exclusive listing, you have a fixed time frame to focus your efforts on the client to achieve the result of a sale at a reasonable price.

Every exclusive listing should be exclusively promoted to a target market. That is where the industry’s top agents focus all their activities and marketing efforts.

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Prospecting, listing, negotiating and presenting for sales and leasing

If you are interested in pursuing or improving a career in commercial real estate, you may want to consider checking our courses here to fast-track your skills and strategies in the industry. Commercial real estate courses can help you understand the market, improve prospecting, listing, negotiating, and presenting, and give you the skills required to succeed in this field.

Sales – A Real Estate Career Summary

You can likely add to these five strategies when considering your property market location and client base.

Build real estate strategies that align with your location and property targets. Drill down into the opportunities you can see, and the services you know the property market requires.

Market yourself as the real estate agent of choice for the location across selected property types and real estate services. That is the solution for a productive and rewarding commercial real estate sales career.

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