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Making appointments in commercial real estate is the best way to set up the solid foundations to your real estate business. In making appointments, you are connecting with new people and from that, you are putting a ‘name to the face’. Indeed, you are setting up the ongoing client relationship and that means ‘trust’.

Trust Brings Leverage

It takes a reasonable degree of contact to turn a relationship into new business so stay in the contact relationship for however long it takes to get to the point of a transaction, listing, or property need.

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Creating the Appointments You Want

Here are some ideas to help you in making more appointments in commercial real estate brokerage:

  1. Local area focus – Don’t ‘spread’ yourself too far when it comes to your real estate business and local territory. It is better to focus into a smaller zone of properties in a local region so you can comprehensively cover off on the property owners, the business people, and the property developers. See who is active in the local area and make the connections. In connecting ‘locally,’ you can also extract all the information from the zone through conversations with people. Ask questions and people will very likely share information.
  2. Associated professionals – This is a good source of new business. These associated professionals are the legal and financial people of the business community. They are the lawyers and the accountants. The benefit for you is that they have clients that own local property and are likely to need property help. So, make the direct approach to these groups of industry professionals and use the relationships over time. Share local property information. When the levels of trust have been established, you are like to get some referrals of clients to help with property decisions.
  3. Property types – When you want to build your real estate business, a focus on just a single property type will help you ‘refine’ and reach out professionally to the right people. Let’s say that your preferred property type is ‘retail shopping’. There may be 25 properties in each area or precinct that you break down from your fuller territory. You can concentrate on each ‘sub precinct’ on getting the ownership names, reviewing the properties, checking the tenants in occupancy, and considering vacancy issues.
  4. Telephone calls and door knocking – Simple ideas like this put you in front of local property decision-makers or owners. Make the calls every day before you do anything else in your real estate business. Call new people for a few hours and then go out into your preferred zone or precinct and leave business cards. Approach the process logically so you can ensure that you are finding all the people in a region or location.
  5. Business cards – You don’t need any other marketing material to grow your real estate business. You need to use your business card comprehensively and do it regularly. Make it a target to give out 20 business cards a day into your location. That distribution can be through meetings and door knocking.
  6. Service by type – When you concentrate your focus into a property service like sales, leasing, or property management, the targets for new business gets a lot easier. Decide the types of new business that you want to generate and then connect with people on that basis. You can ask more specific questions and create better conversations as you reach out to the new people you connect to within the zones.

You can see from all these ideas that the ‘appointment making process’ in commercial real estate is built around the people in your location and is systems driven.

Put the people and some deliberate contact systems into your real estate business. The growth of your real estate market will be a lot easier over time. It is a proven and tested method of growing real estate business. Don’t make things complicated for yourself.

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