You Can Do Big Things With Commercial Property Marketing and SEO

Most commercial property listings today (if not all) are marketed on the internet in one form or another.  In saying that, there are some standard locations where that marketing will be done. 

You can do a lot to help those listings be seen and found online by the search engines and the people enquiring about the property.  It directly follows that your listings can therefore create more inquiries leading to more inspections and potentially faster sales and leasing.

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Ways to Attract Readers Online

Here is a list of ideas for you to consider and use as part of that:

  • Attracting advertisement readership is the main focus of any property promotion.  Consider the property and the points of attraction within the property type.   For example, it may be that you have an office property in a top location within the city.  From that main point of property attraction, you can take the location feature into 4 or 5 factors.   Each of those factors can be enhanced.
  • Take the 4 or 5 factors and select ‘words that sell’ to lift the feature.  You can get those selling words from a good Thesaurus or from a specialized publication on advertising copy.  As an example and in this case, the standard attraction factor for the property may be ‘central business location’.  When you apply ‘selling words’ around that factor you could come up with alternatives like ‘location is the best of its kind’ or ‘located to suit your business specifications’.  In both cases, the phrases were taken from a specialized publication to help advertising copy.  For a small outlay, you can download or purchase those marketing tools quite easily.
  • Look at magazines and newspapers with the way they use headlines to pull in readers.  Your adverts must do the same both online and offline; you can use some well-crafted phrases from newspapers to help you pull more people to your property adverts.  Over time you can build a valuable selection of words to use in that way with your property specialty and in your sales or leasing territory.
  • Create a few different varieties of the advert for the same property.  That means you should use different words and phrases.  When this is done as part of an exclusive listing marketing campaign you will find better results coming off some of the adverts, and soon you will know what is attracting the eye of the buyers or tenants as the case may be.

All of these things can be balanced around the right method of sale or lease depending on the property and its location.  Avoid the generic marketing approach at all costs; make your property message unique and special.  Take your exclusive listings and help them stand out at relevant and real to the inquiring businesses and investors in the commercial property market.

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