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As the property market shifts and changes, it is the skills and strategies that we bring as agents to our clients that are now so important.  There are people to help and transactions to work on. Sales and leasing are functional requirements in the property market today.

When you consider the property market changes over the last 12 months, there is a lot of ‘pent-up’ demand and requirements in leasing premises and in buying and selling investment property

It is time to look for the people who require property investment or lease occupancy change.  So, who are you talking to now, and how frequently are you doing that?

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Targeting Property People Today

There are three categories of people to tap into now. They are:

  1. Existing investors may want to purchase again to boost their portfolio of properties.
  2. Business owners are looking to move some ‘capital’ off their books by selling some owned properties.
  3. Allied professionals such as bankers, financiers, and accountants with clients may be looking to make a move into more property activity.
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Commercial Real Estate Skills by John Highman

The Ideal Contact Plan

There are some leverage points to consider with these groups.  What do they want, and how can you help them?  Consider a contact plan that goes something like this:

  1. Put more people into your day’s activities.  New people should be the focus here as there are plenty of new people coming back into action.  Do not restrict yourself by working with the same people that you have been talking to for years.
  2. Matching people to property situations and solving problems should be the nature of the approach.  That involves seeing the next need or change in property situations and use.
  3. Being the solution that people need requires you getting in front of people before they need you.  Talking about the property market now and how things are changing will always be of interest to some.

So that is the contact plan you can use in this changing and emerging property market.  Your prospecting activity should now include lots of conversations daily.  Questions and discussions lead to information, and that information can be tracked in a simple database process.  The cycle of commercial real estate investment is long, and therefore ongoing contact is required to reach people when they get to the next property activity.

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Your Valuable Real Estate Services

The critical point for you to remember in this property market is that your real estate strategies and services are valuable to the people you serve.  Your contact list and all the people in it are opportunities for creating conversations and connections.  Move ahead in this property market with more discussions and meetings. 

The face to face value in what we do every day as agents is just so important.  Forget about social media and the ‘hype’ around that.  In commercial real estate, it has little impact on new business. Conversations, on the other hand, will help you thrive as an agent over time. Grow your real estate business on the back of conversations.

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