Commercial Real Estate Agents – Improved Attitude and Action Brings Better Listing and Commission Results

It is just so easy to lose focus in commercial real estate brokerage.  When that happens, slower listings and poor inquiries are usually the result.  The main way to get anywhere successfully as a broker or agent is to control your focus in a positive way.  Directed action and a personal positive attitude to the business will help you greatly.

During the year most property markets will ‘wax and wane’ with seasonal activity and levels of inquiry.  You can take the ‘roller coaster ride’ out of the property equation if you work to a prospecting system that attracts new business and new clients.

Improved Attitude Leverage

Here are some ideas to help you stay on track and get your property market evolving in a positive way:

  1. Improve your focus daily – To do that you should get out into the market for the majority of the day.  Talk to new people and drop in your business card to a new group of local businesses every day.
  2. Ask plenty of questions – When you talk to new business people and clients as part of prospecting and networking, you will find snippets of information that can open up into a full blown lead for a sale or lease.
  3. Don’t listen to industry gossip – Your peers are likely to have plenty to say about the property market particularly when they are struggling with clients and listings.  Stay away from industry gossip and people that have not got their business approach under control.
  4. Take personal action – One of the big strategies that will help the progress of any agent is that of deliberate effort and daily action.  You can get better results when you work to a systematic approach.  Make your prospecting model a habit that you can repeat every day effectively and directly.  Increase the numbers of people that you talk to and methodically work through your sales and leasing territory on a street by street basis.
  5. Track your inbound inquiries – Understand your inbound call rates and why people are calling.  Over time you will identify the strengths and weaknesses that apply to marketing property locally.  Every property type will have unique levels of inquiry.  During the year the focus of inquiry will move from sales to leasing and vice verse.  Watch when that happens and adjust your prospecting model accordingly.
  6. Focus on pitching and presenting for exclusive listings – Exclusivity is the only way to go if you want more new business and better commissions in your town or city.  Open listings are a total waste of time, and will generally frustrate your progress as an agent.  Build your levels of skill and knowledge so that you are the ‘go to’ agent when it comes to the property type and getting results; that will help improve your listing conversions to ‘exclusivity’.  Market yourself accordingly.


So there are some good things for you to do here.  Focus your actions and attitude in every way possible.  You have the ‘controls’ to do that.  Over time small improvements in attitude and action will take you forward into better levels of commissions and listings in commercial real estate.

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