How to Create a Custom Designed Marketing Campaign in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you pitch and present for a listing appointment, the marketing campaign that you recommend has to be custom designed in every respect for both the property and the client.  Don’t fall back into some ‘standard marketing model’ to save time.  Clients know when they are getting the ‘generic approach’ and will overlook agents that give that ‘ordinary feel’ to the listing presentation.

Promotional Concepts for Campaigns

Here are some promotional concepts that will help make your marketing stand out as real and relevant to the client:

  1. Online Bias – Most of the property enquiry we get today comes from the online promotions used. That will be with websites, blogs, articles, and industry portals.  From those 4 processes you can be very specific on how you will combine the strategies and load the property online to convey the right marketing message.
  2. Headline and Feature Points – Tell the client how you see the headline alternatives for the property and the feature points that should stand out in the marketing campaign. You can easily do that in the listing presentation and introduce the discussion about the promotional alternatives that you have available.  Some recent property promotions will give your client examples of successful alternatives.
  3. Advertising Copy Variety – Your advertising copy can be crafted in a few different ways; you can use a professional copyrighter to do most of that with all of your exclusive listings. Every exclusive listing should have 3 different advertisement layouts and advertising copy variety to be used in the industry portals and on the websites that you favour.  In using the different layouts and words you are optimising search engine exposure and the interest of potential tenants and buyers.
  4. Tell a Story – You should craft an editorial for any property that has a story of relevance and interest to tell the market. If the property is located in a prominent city location or has a history that is of interest to the local community then the listing is primed for an editorial; newspapers love to get something that will help their already diminishing readership.
  5. Newspapers – Yes, we still need to advertise in local newspapers; they have some value in property marketing, albeit consistently falling. Don’t spend too much of your advertising money on newspapers and certainly do not fall for the trick of ‘needing a large advertisement’ to spread a promotional message.  A conservative approach is required when you split your marketing money between online and offline promotional tools.
  6. Professional photographs – Every exclusive listing should have professional photographs taken for your marketing campaign. It is a vendor or client cost and will benefit the campaign ‘visibility’ to a great degree.
  7. Property Plans – Get a set of plans of the property professionally drawn up so you can use them in the inspections and within your marketing information booklet. Focus on floor plates, areas, layouts, fitout, and tenant occupation.
  8. Drawings – An artist depiction of the building is quite valuable to lift promotional interest in all of your marketing initiatives. If your property has character, then get the facade or entrances to the building depicted in an artist drawing.
  9. Local Area Focus – Show the client exactly how you will take the property into the local area and as part of that tell them how you will reach the targeted investors and business leaders. Profile those target groups by type and location. A personal approach combining direct calls and direct door knocking will help greatly with targeted marketing.  In that process you can use a combination of database contact, brochure mail out, letters, emails, and door knocking.

So there are some good things that you can do here.  Take the time to make all of your commercial real estate marketing stand out as relevant, real, and professional in every respect.

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