Internet and Website Strategies for Commercial Real Estate Brokers and Agents

Internet and website strategies are important at the commercial real estate brokerage level and also for individual agents at a personal level.  No longer is it wise to just use the brokerage website to build your personal online profile.  You must do a number of other things in addition to website listings and links.  The internet needs to see you as a property expert in so many different ways.

Here are some ideas to help:

  1. Every property listing advertisement should be written with due regard for the relative keywords that focus on the Internet search engines.  Every property listing will have approximately two or three keywords that are more attractive to the search engines and will help you list the property for greater exposure.  Those key words can be written into the advertisement in a creative way.
  2. A single property listing should be crafted into three different types of advertisements with slightly different content.  Those advertisements should feature in different web sites and industry portals.  That will then give you greater exposure from a search and an enquiry perspective.  It is a mistake to run the same property advertisement on all the industry portals and websites.  You are simply wasting the opportunity of online exposure.
  3. Create a number of landing pages within your website that are specifically designed for certain property types or locations within your town or city.  Those landing pages can be written specifically using the right keywords to attract enquiries in sales, leasing, or property management.  Landing pages can then attract more of the right people for the property segment.  The listings relative to the location or a property type can then be linked from the correct and relative landing page.
  4. Establish a property blog at a personal level.  You can then use the blog to talk about industry matters, property opportunities, and industry trends.  You can also link to relative listings and editorials relating to your particular property market.
  5. The blog that you create can be relatively inexpensive and perhaps even free.  The only commitment from you with the blog will be based on time and information.  Each week you can write three or four articles relative to your property marketplace and place them on your blog.  To assist further with the blogging process you can purchase a domain name specifically for your location and tie it to the blog itself.  That will also help with search engine exposure.
  6. All of your social media activities should be linked to your exclusive property listings and your blog activities.  This can be an automatic process, thereby saving you a lot of time.
  7. To lift your profile on line as a property specialist, you need to have a consistent brand and key message.  The key message should be selected with due regard for your location and property speciality.  For example the words that you choose may be ‘shopping centre leasing in New York’, or ‘industrial property in Detroit’, or ‘Office Property leasing in San Francisco’.  All of your blogging and social media activities should be consistent to the brand and the phrase.  That will then help you with online Internet exposure.

So there are some things that you can do here quite easily at a personal level to lift your online profile.  Certainly the traditional ways of marketing property have not changed, but we now have the added opportunity of online marketing and personal branding.  Using the above systems and solutions will help you do that has a specialist commercial real estate agent or broker in your town or city.

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