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Photography Tips for Commercial Real Estate

When you have a commercial property to sell or lease, the photographs that you take should be professionally done.

In that way you can capture the attention of the buyers and tenants looking for property.

Photos always get plenty of views online. As part of marketing campaign for any listing you can refresh your listings every 14 days.

Good Quality Photos

The use of high-quality photography in real estate marketing should be the norm, not the exception. The problem here is that paying for high-quality photos of a property isn’t something that should fall on the agent’s shoulders.

It is recommended that any property’s seller or landlord pay for professional photographs of the property to be used in advertising the property. Any top-notch listing needs to incorporate vendor-funded promotion into its marketing mix.

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Online Photo Standards

Have you ever seen the plethora of low-quality listing photographs some agents use on the industry’s central website portal?

Preparing for marketing with high-quality images will always help your client and property listing rise to the top of the relevant portal. So, what exactly does a good property photo consist of? Consider these.

  • Daylight and particularly sunlight on the front of the building
  • Colour use in the image perhaps by overlay of words that sell the property
  • Angles at which the photograph is taken to feature the best parts of the property
  • The time of day where the sun is low in the sky and shining directly at the property frontage
  • Putting something of ‘scale’ in the foreground of the photo to allow greater interest in the image.

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