Brokerage Contact Cycles for Agents

In commercial real estate today, the contact cycles that you create will very likely give you brokerage traction in some form.  You can then ‘tweak’ the contact approach with key people and property owners in your location to grow listing and commission leads over time. You have to start the contact process somehow; that’s the important fact to remember as luck has little impact on a career.

Nothing matters more in commercial real estate than that of ‘taking action’.  Goals and targets are a waste of time without a system of action for all agents and brokers.  There is a chart below in this article that can help you with your daily action plan to find more listings and clients.

Set Your Brokerage System in Action

So, the fact of the matter is that you have to start somewhere as a broker or agent with your contact processes.  I have created this chart for you so you can build some action on a daily basis.  At various times in my brokerage career (35 plus years), I have taken steps like these in the chart to grow market share.

Use the chart here as a method of approach to building your real estate business.  Modify the categories of contact based on your location and preferred contact types.  Track your contacts in a good database, and categorize all the people that you talk to on a daily basis.  Relationships build a real estate business quite quickly.

Here is the chart for you.

Commercial real estate action plan chart
Brokerage Action Plan for Sales and Leasing





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