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Commercial Property Investment Sales Chart – Making Things Happen in Brokerage

As a real estate broker or agent, when you take a good quality commercial property to the market for sale, there are a few critical things to cover off on.  You want to use the strengths of the property listing to pull in the inquiry and then help you convert property inspections from qualified people.  There are a  few important things to identify and do here.  I have put together this special chart for my friends online in commercial real estate brokerage.

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Every quality listing deserves the best marketing strategy and process.  The marketing system for an exclusive listing is far different to that of an open listing.  Take a lot more time in designing your property campaigns for exclusive listings.  Make every step of the listing and marketing process special and unique; that’s how you attract more inquiry.  My chart will help you with that.

So I have put together this simple chart to help brokers and agents in getting more results in Commercial Investment Sales.  Every part of the chart requires special thought and a strategic approach.  Make every listing special as you work through the factors of the matrix and the issues involved.  It is a simple PDF for ease of use and printing.  Put it in your work-space so you remember what needs to be done as you strive to list and sell your good quality commercial property listings.


commercial property sales process
Make every sales listing special in commercial real estate.




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