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Today the commercial property market is quite competitive in sales, leasing, and property management.  The only way to move ahead and get results is to stand out as the best choice of agent for the property and the client.  Whilst it is easy to say, the concept of ‘agent relevance’ to a listing is a real strategy and process that requires constant effort.

To stand out as the ‘best agent’ for the job, the efforts and focus of the individual are really important.  Every agent should be comprehensively connecting with their property market in an ongoing way; a personal marketing plan is required to do that, and every specific pitch and presentation made by an agent should be the highest in its class.  You can practice your presentation and pitch so that small incremental improvements lift your conversions.

Connect with Clients in a Relevant Way

In that pitch and presentation, certain things said and displayed will give you the ‘edge’ when it comes to client interest.  Here are some ideas on that:

  1. Brokerage Results – The best level of brokerage results locally with the property type is a competitive fact.  Can you say that you sell or lease more properties in the category than other agents?  If that is not the case can you change the facts to properties of ‘highest quality’ or ‘immediate location’?  Somehow you must show that you really understand the market segment.
  2. Brokerage Branding – Comprehensive branding as a brokerage and as an agent will help with the client.  The branding and image of the brokerage will draw in more enquiries.  Can you tell your client exactly how many enquiries you get each week, and what people are looking for when making those enquiries?
  3. CRM Database – The database size and relevance can be a ‘magnet’ to listing opportunities and conversions.  Tell the client about your database and exactly how many people you have ‘shortlisted’ already to quote the property to.  Show them the shortlist with suitable editing to remove names and addresses.
  4. Property Type – Property specialisation will always help.  If you have recently sold or leased similar properties locally then have some photos to show and a marketing results chart to show what happened and how results were achieved.
  5. Local Signboards on Exclusive Listings – Signboard coverage on ‘exclusive listings’ will allow you to track and monitor the market enquiry more effectively than with ‘open listings’.  Show your prospective client what a good signboard can do for them in today’s market and have a few samples to show.
  6. Online Marketing – Website impact will include the recognised industry portals, your brokerage site, the database, email marketing, blogs, and social media.  Tell the client how you will use the ‘online’ marketing tools available and why that is so relevant to their property.  Give the client a few examples of how this has worked for other people you have served.

These 5 things will allow you to show confidence and relevance to a potential client as they struggle with property challenges and momentum.  Be the best choice of agent or broker to solve the client’s property problem quickly and effectively.  Make sure the client understands that fact.

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