Commercial Real Estate Leasing Chart – A Brokerage Advantage

When working an agent or broker works in commercial real estate leasing, there are some things that are really important to the renting and leasing process.  They are the things that don’t change and they come up every time when you work with tenants and landlords.

If you have a vacancy to deal with, then the simple chart will bring you back to the facts that matter, particularly in attracting the tenants and converting their interest to a negotiation.

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Simplify the Property Leasing Business

Don’t get confused in handling tenants and listings; stick to the key topics in the chart.

You can also plan your lease listing pitch around these factors as they are fundamental to the lease marketing and negotiation process.

I have summarized them here in this chart so you can download as a PDF and put in a place of prominence in your work-space.

Get the PDF file here.


Commercial real estate leasing process chart
Commercial Real Estate Leasing Process chart – the concepts are important to understand and action.

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